French Toast
French Toast


French Toast


8 ct

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French Toast Pop Tarts is a discontinued flavor. It only came in 8 ct sizes. Included in some packages during the year 2006 were codes that, when entered on a certain website, would allow one to download a free song.

Question from Anonymous user:

Please!! I am being held hostage by a pop tart collector!! If anyone knows where I am or how I can still get this discontinued flavor, please tell!!! My captor is too determined to let this flavor slide by on his list and he needs me to find it!! Any help would be appreciated!! I will check here daily for any help!! Please I am really fucking desperate to get out of this place!! :)

(Asked December 20th, 1790)

Dear Anonymous user:

Are you still checking daily?? Did you ever get your poptarts?? I must know.

(Febuary 29th, 2021)


Pop tarts-french toast

Pop tarts-french toast

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