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Mini Crisps
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An example of Mini Crisps, Frosted Strawberry


Frosted Strawberry
Frosted Chocolate


January 1, 2010 - Present

Previously Popsters, Mini Crisps is a 100-calorie snack filled with baked, crispy bites that come in pouches. Mini Crisps are essentialy miniature Pop Tarts topped with white icing and colorful sprinkles. According to Kellogg's, you can eat them "as an added crunch on top of your favorite yogurt", "mixed with nuts and dried fruits for an awesome snack mix", "sprinkled on top of banana pudding", "two at a time, with a smidgen of peanut butter smeared in between," and "right out of your hand".

There are only two flavors, Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Chocolate.


7 vitamins and minerals, 100 calories.


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