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Pop-Tarts® Presents Debate

Pop-Tarts® Presents Debate

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00:00:00 Choir: TAAAAAAAAART! (title card)

00:00:01 Poodle: Chocolatey Caramel, there are 22 flavors. Why should you be Pop-Tart president?

00:00:05 Chocolatey Caramel: America needs my--(Poodle presses "TOAST" button causing Chocolatey Caramel to fall) AHHH!

00:00:07 Poodle: (devilishly smiles) Hmm...Fascinatin'. NEXT!!

00:00:09 Confetti Cupcake: ME! ME!! (Poodle sends Pop-Tarts down with "TOAST" button)

00:00:09 All Pop-Tarts: WAHH-OOH-UHH-AHHHH! ("M" in "MEET THE CANDIDATES" sign falls off saying "EET THE CANDIDATES")

00:00:11 Poodle: (sniffs Pop-Tarts)

00:00:11 Kangaroo: (holds up "POLL ME" sign)

00:00:11 Poodle: (puts on bib) COME to puppy! (rubs chest)

00:00:12 Choir: TAAAAAAAAART! (Poodle eats Chocolatey Caramel)

00:00:13 Crazy-Good Kid: Cr-a-zy good!

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