Pop Tarts Wiki

Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, administrators, or admins, can access a few additional functions.
*Deleting and undeleting pages and page histories. Administrators can also delete uploaded files, but cannot undelete them.
*Very quick rollback of undesirable edits.
*Editing the interface by changing system messages and skins. A bureaucrat can make other users into bureaucrats or administrators on their own Wiki. They are not currently able to remove bureaucrat access from any user. Please contact one of the community staff if you need this done.

Who are Pop Tart Wiki's Admins?

Please treat all admins with respect, as well as all the other users.

Becoming an Administrator

In order to become an administrator, you must be constantly active and have a clean record, meaning no blocks or warnings. You must have at least 500 edits and follow the rules. Once you have those things, you may nominate yourself or another user may nominate you on this page.

Administrative Powers

See the admin guide for a guide on administrative functions.

What are Administrators not Allowed to do?

Administrators are not allowed to lock pages unless told otherwise. They are also not allowed to block a user, unless he/she has been given approval to do so, or if the vandal or bad user is doing several offenses. Admins are not "in charge". An ideal admin is someone who is trusted and allowed to use a few extra buttons to help the Wiki.