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This is the site to vote for users regarding extra rights, including becoming an administrator/bureaucrat or gaining access to the Rollback feature.
To nominate a user, first contact the user to see whether they accept your nomination, then if accepted, list this user on this page under the appropriate heading. Use the following format:

==[[User:USERNAME|USERNAME]] (Nominated ~~~~~)==
'''Nominated by:''' ~~~~ '''Reason for nomination:'''

To prevent excessive nominations, there is an edit and time requirement to be nominated for each right. If a user has more than one account, the edits on the other account(s) do not count towards their edit count.

User Group Edits Required for Nomination Time on Brickipedia Required for Nomination
Administrator 500 30 Days
Rollback 250 14 Days

Users are allowed to nominate themselves, but they are not allowed to vote for themselves. Users may vote once on each nomination. As it is, this wiki does not need more Bureaucrats, so there is no point in nominating anyone for that right.